Our Mission

To revolutionize the medical/healthcare industry by improving communications; providing better technology and support services; and, enabling more efficient, cost-effective healthcare for the consumer.

Our Vision

To transform healthcare by using new systems, processes and technology to assist Providers to be more effective; to better interact with Payers, Customers and Stakeholders. We believe that technology is the path to achieving our Mission.

Our Core Values

We are inspired by new healthcare models that are transparent, interactive and customer/patient-centric.

The Company – MediXall Group, Inc.

  • A business incubator for startups as well as in-revenue organizations that meet our Mission, Vision and Core Values
  • Beneficiary of 12 patents and 20 pending patents in the healthcare technology industry
  • Designed and structured to drive positive change to the U.S. healthcare industry
  • Technology and innovation-driven organization
  • Multi-Strategy Approach with companies that provide products, services and infrastructure/facilities horizontally across the healthcare spectrum

Key Differentiating Factors

  • Multi-Strategy linking across horizontal elements of the industry
  • Effective and innovative Business Model
  • Experienced and knowledgeable Management Team
  • High barrier of entry due to substantial knowledge and experience of the Management Team and Business Model
  • Healthcare technology market is has just emerged will continue to be one of the FASTEST GROWING for another DECADE
  • Access to a large pool of Providers in backyard


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