MediXall’s has developed a new model for a healthcare “incubator” hub to enable healthcare and providers and consumers to find a best match for their healthcare related needs and associated products. MediXall Incubator will seek to acquire, or partner with owners of superior healthcare inventions and create mutually beneficial agreements that will generate revenue through the licensing of patented intellectual property.

Our Incubator will become both a research and development company, creating its own original products and formulas, and also a repository for thousands of patents created by others, who either choose to become partners, or sell their intellectual property outright. By finding the right strategic partners, we are able to add to the company an additional layer of revenue without losing focus on its own research and specialized operations.

Once the product/service is accepted into the MediXall distribution, the Revenue Model is built around Joint Venture licensing that will generate royalty revenue, and will keep expenses and overhead down.

The Incubator’s business model is highly collaborative in which the Company will engage diagnostic products/services, medical device technologies, and pharmaceutical companies in co-development, licensing, patent extension and marketing agreements. Initially, the Company’s business model will generate revenue through

  • Patenting unique processes and products to protect intellectual property
  • Creating brands for marketing/manufacturing  agreements with strategic partners
  • Licensing technologies for royalty revenues.

MediXall Incubator is seeking to leverage its leadership team’s combined expertise in diagnostics, medical devices, pharmaceutical and proprietary healthcare to position the Company as a global leader in innovative medical technologies and services.

Current targets / Technology to acquire

Key Areas that MediXall Incubator will focus on, include:

  • Innovative Healthcare Solutions – Solutions that are intended to assist physicians, hospitals, and health systems, as well as government and private sector payers, to manage treatment outcomes through a patient-centered wellness principle, centered on both improving the quality of care and providing that care in a cost effective manner.
  • Wellness – A rapidly growing trend in health care is wellness – Preventing disease from occurring in the first place. A patient’s genetic predisposition to certain disease states such as blood clotting, cardiovascular disease, how a patient metabolizes dietary fats can drive health choices that lead to improved health.


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