Our Strategic Focus

MediXaid, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of MediXall Group, Inc. is completing the final stages of development on a new generation Healthcare Platform to address the growing need of self-pay and high deductible consumers for greater transparency and price competition in their healthcare costs. Our integrated cloud-based platform for the healthcare industry helps providers simplify the way they run their businesses, attract and engage more patients, boost their revenues and focus more on providing high quality care to their patients. Moreover, the platform helps patient/clients find price transparency and gives them the ability to make informed choices based on price, location and schedule for requested medical products and services. In this era of rapidly increasing deductibles and healthcare costs, the cloud-based MediXaid platform is designed to be transformational and disruptive to traditional methods of medical care and provisioning of medical services to the consumer.

The cloud-based platform is designed to work in both a mobile and desktop environment. MediXaid operates in a form of reverse auction where the consumer will choose from a list of the products and or services required. Qualified and vetted suppliers will compete based on a combination of quality score, location, best price and convenience. We firmly believe that MediXaid will lower costs to the patient/consumer/buyer and healthcare industry at large.

MediXall is bringing a consumer-centric marketing model that has been successful in the retail industry to the healthcare market. This new online, easily accessible and understood “auction” of medical care will offer patient/consumers the opportunity to review the services offered and costs of service for desired procedures, and ultimately a large number of practitioners will participate in order to compete.


Quality Assurance

All healthcare providers of products and services in the MediXaid Provider Network will be required to participate in a basic credentialing review that would include: review of State-issued professional and occupational licenses, Medicare, Medicaid, NPI (National Provider Identifier ), National Practitioner Data Bank and third-party certification such as NCQA, JTC, HFAP, AAACA or others approved by The Company. The Provider’s professional staff bios and CVs on all licensed healthcare providers will be mandatory and the MediXaid Certification symbol will be displayed on the website along with the listing. We expect to be capable of providing ownership disclosure on nearly all Providers. Meanwhile, the consumer on the buying side of the transaction will be protected by their aforementioned “rolling encryption, uniquely coded profile and member identification for each user.”


Deployment Strategy

Since inception, MediXall Group and the development team have finalized the MediXaid Healthcare Platform’s User Interface and User Experience (see demo below or at and are currently onboarding MRI centers to the platform, on track for a limited launch with those specialties in Q4 of 2017.

The MediXaid Provider Network’s 4,000+ registered healthcare providers are continuing to complete their legal agreements and the subsequent process of credentialing and onboarding to the MediXaid Platform. The full launch of the MediXaid Healthcare Platform with all medical services available is on track for the first quarter of 2018, including, but not limited to, the following general categories:

  • Physician services including cosmetic services and surgery
  • Dental services including orthodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery, and other physician services
  • Diagnostic services including MRI, MRA, CT Scan, Stress Tests, sonograms and ultrasounds
  • Laboratory services
  • Home healthcare services

This short video demonstrates the process a new prospective patient will go through to contact you. (The audio has been removed to speed the streaming.)